Too Spicy for YouTube and Patreon? You Have an Alternative

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summary Platform bans have affected many creators and artists are ready for an alternative. PinePage's Zero Ban policy might just be the right solution to their grievances.
by 19:07 Thursday (07/08/21)

It’s hard staying true to your craft in an era ruled by social and political correctness. A sensitive generation has turned itself into memes. Just look at the “Karens” causing mayhem. This trend has led to so many censorships the torment of the entertainment scene. This has affected many such as comedians, actors, musicians, athletes, and now content creators. However, PinePage offers security for content creators, protecting freedom of speech and further encouraging it. Read on to discover how to create freely, live freely, and speak freely through


The laws that regulate a hosting provider and platform service are different. PinePage, being a hosting provider, operates under lenient laws. A platform service such as Patreon operates under more stringent laws. The difference in these laws protects the hosting provider from various scenarios that can cause issues. Hosting providers are not mandated to screen any content uploaded to personal domains, as the diversity of content uploaded is dependent on the individual creator. Platform service laws are restrictive. They are all mandated to screen content that is uploaded hence the frequent flagging and censorships experienced in a bid to comply with the laws that govern them. Illegal content is however not permissible on hosting providers. Any illegal post places the consequences solely on the hands of the content creator. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the laws of your country especially when it comes to what is allowed and what isn’t in content creation.


So you’ve done the work, gotten paid but the money isn’t in your account. Where is it? Your platform service is taking a slice right before the rest is sent to you. Are you okay with this? Do the math! Our hosting service believes in giving you full value for the work you’ve done. This might sound shocking to a lot of you, but charging flat monthly membership fees is a sustainable business model. Platform providers work on service fees. If you are unfortunate to lose income for a month or it is too little, the platform service will still get its cut and gives you little to nothing. Furthermore, bankruptcy means expulsion from the platform service. You’re not useful to them if you don’t provide service fees. This has toxicity written all over it. With Pine Page though, you get paid directly for the work you do. Regardless of the type of work, be it family-friendly or explicit. As long as explicit content is legal in your country, we provide the domain for you to both showcase and profit off it. Donations and merchandise purchases are also included. With the addition of other payment providers soon, such as PayPal and crypto, choosing your preferred means guarantees cash lining your pockets instantly. Give yourself the treatment you deserve.


Growing up, we either wanted a fortress or a castle. Imagine that but bigger. This is possible through control of your own domain. 3 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Domain. Determine what goes, with the assurance that your freedoms won’t be limited. Your followers also have a one-stop spot to find you. This is beneficial as even with other platforms such as WordPress, Wix, YouTube, and such, linking them to your domain ensures all followers find you and new ones place you easier as well. Organized and efficient in all you do.


Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen. What’s common among them? They are quality vehicles, built to the highest standard. They provide transportation, comfort, and luxury. They are also German machines. Our website is itself hosted in Germany. The reason is due to the value in Germany that promotes freedom of speech and protection of content. The hosting technologies we use are both simple and effective. Should there be any reason to relocate them, it is done seamlessly ensuring your data, content, and resources are protected. Even in an apocalypse, you can rest assured your content and work are safe.


We’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. Should you feel we’re the right fit anymore(it’s not gonna happen though), we have the means to make your transition easier. With an intricate exporter system, transfer all your data and content from our service to the service of your choice. The process is both easy and efficient ensuring you’ll be on your way to quickly realize that is better than the rest.


We finally want to share our core values with all of you. We are fully dedicated to the protection of creative freedoms. These are freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of ideas. Our service allows you to express yourself and put out what you feel should be showcased to the world. As long as it’s legal, rest assured you won’t face any censorship, any bans, or any issues pertaining to your content. We are independent and work for the good of the people, the creatives of the world. With no corporate backing that dictates our direction and policies, your voice is not silenced. We are made for the people by the people.

It always seems cool to be mainstream. However, by doing so, you have to put up with a lot of things that you probably shouldn’t. Everything to be gained is found right here with us. Controlling you is not what we do here! Giving you the freedom to thrive is all we do here!

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