Free Speech Manifesto v1.0

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summary Free speech is an essential part of any democratic society. PinePage pledges to uphold it through a platform that epitomizes the liberty to create and express without limitations.
by Unnamed User 15:07 Friday (07/16/21)

Free Speech Manifesto v1.0

Free speech is an essential part of any liberated and democratic society, and here we'll go through why this is and pledge to uphold it. We accept and try to encourage the following:

  1. The truth of today is tomorrow’s embarrassment
  2. Censorship undermines the very foundation of society
  3. We are not the overlords of truth.
  4. Free speech does not mean consequence-free speech


The Truth Of Today Is Tomorrow’s Embarrassment

Is there an absolute truth in today’s world? History is filled with “facts” that have been debunked - this is human progress at its finest. Even the scientific realm is filled with ultimate truths that keep getting debunked by fellow scholars and much of science is theoretical. 2 + 2 = 4, but has to be judged and interpreted making it impossible to accurately determine if the statement is false. Numerous claims, believed to be accurate, have not withstood the test of timeand technological advancement:

• Washing one’s hands before performing surgery was considered a waste of time

• Women were believed to be intellectually inferior to men, based on differences in the genders’ anatomical attributes. The female’s uterus was to blame for taking up a disproportionate amount of blood that should have been put to better use in the brain

• People have burned at the stake for daring to claim that Earth is not flat and is not in fact the center of the universe

Countless have been ostracized from society or have even fallen victim by simply daring to question widely accepted notions.

We owe our quality of life to the trailblazers of the past who dared to have these difficult conversations and face widespread persecution and ridicule. They risked hurting people’s feelings and shattered society’s core beliefs in pursuit of better standards of living, freedom, and prosperity for all. Fewer people die because of poor sanitation; women freely contribute to the global workforce if they choose to; we have explored space and even sent robots to Mars! Speaking out triggers thinking and thinking sparks ideas - Without speech, ideas will get lost and we would halt the remarkable progress we have experienced.

Censorship undermines the very foundation of society

The first challenge with censorship is who decides what is truth? Is it theologians? Maybe philosophers? Or maybe the truth is determined by scientists? But are all scientists equally credible? And what if they have conflicting views? Ultimately, power concentrates in the hands of the selected few, who establish what is truth. It might be a benevolent dictator, or it might be the next Stalin who killed millions of innocent people.

Even if one argues that they possess ultimate knowledge, enforcing restrictions on those with opposing beliefs is counterproductive. Those subjected to censorship would surely find undesirable outlets to express their views leading to a destabilized society instead of an enlightened one.

Imagine a version of reality in which every time you try to speak you are silenced by authority. How would that feel? How long would it take for that feeling to escalate to resistance and rebellion? A famous case is that of Alex Jones, who got banned by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Google+, Instagram, iTunes, Apple Store, Periscope, and PayPal, all in the span of a month. He ended up making his own platform where he could speak without his ideas being challenged. Even if you viciously hate Alex Jones, the outcome is now a potentially more radical version that can lurk in the shadows. The end result is worse for society than having him speak freely and getting publicly scrutinized by all who oppose his agenda.

We are not the overlords of truth

Solution? Set speech free - we cannot be the overlords of truth. History has proven it time and time again. The best interference with speech is the least interference. By encouraging speech, we can easily identify a flawed argument and line of thinking. Open critique and active debate would ultimately lead to society’s progress. Would we get it wrong? Yes. Would people feel hurt? Yes, but the alternative is far worse than the comfort of a modern society, forbidden to think outside of the box.

Free speech does not mean consequence-free speech

There are many instances where speech is illegal. One such instance is when one encourages crime. In these cases, we are bound by the laws of our country and might be obligated to hide content if deemed illegal by court order or our legal team. Nevertheless, they would never lose their content or experience a platform-wide ban resulting in demonetization as we enforce a Zero Ban Policy.

Free domain

The Free Speech Manifesto is public domain and has no restraints to usage. We would appreciate a reference to if you do choose to share this document. PinePage Banner

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