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Voltaire famously said:

I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It

Ever since I came upon this powerful saying, it remained anchored in my mind. Over the course of recent years, I have observed an alarming trend of multiple creatives being banned by many mainstream platforms. It was evident that Voltaire’s quote has never been more relevant. Creatives are losing control over their content, access to their communities, and their income streams, often for vague or unfounded reasons.

The need to take a stance and follow the philosopher’s words began to grow.

As a developer, I could create a safe haven, where talent of all genres can build their online presence, engage with their communities, and monetize their projects without the fear of expulsion.

History has shown us, time and time again, the consequences of not being able to speak one’s mind. The powerful, whoever they are, dictate the commonly accepted “truth”, and anyone who holds opposing views gets silenced. Suppression only works until the affected can no longer bear its weight and rise. Rebellion often results in violence.

At PinePage we aim to be a part of a different history.

We believe that progress is achieved through dialogue and want to be a part of crafting a world where people can express themselves without fear.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the fabric of society relies on our ability to tolerate one another. Coexist without resorting to censorship, marginalization, or violence. We may disapprove of what people choose to say but would like to provide a platform for open discussions. We firmly believe communication is the only way leading to understanding and acceptance.

As a result, we take pride in being a Free Speech friendly platform - see our Free Speech and uphold a Zero Ban Policy. We might be legally obligated to hide content in direct violation of the law, but your account would not face suspension nor would you suffer an overall platform ban.

If you're tired of big tech corporates’ restrictive policies, we urge you to build your own platform on PinePage and take back control:

Your content. Your community. Your rules.

Join our growing community and embrace freedom of speech in every form of your creative expression.


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